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A quick Guide

With effect from 1st January 2009 any residential dwelling which is offered for sale or rent  must have a valid BER certificate available.

What is a BER?
A Building Energy Rating or BER is similar to the energy label on your fridge with a scale of A-G. A-rated homes are the most energy efficient and G the least efficient. From 1st January 2009, a BER certificate will be compulsory for all homes being offered for sale or rent. If you are selling or renting a house or apartment from 1st January, you are obliged by law to furnish the purchaser or tenant a BER cert.

What Will it Cost?
There is no set fee for a BER Assessment  and the advice is to seek a number of quotations to compare. Prices range from approximately €180 to €450 depending on the size and  type of property. It is important  to confirm all fees prior to commissioning a BER assessment. Assessors are charged a fee of €25 to submit a BER assessment to SEI for publication on the National BER Register. Fees are subject to VAT at the standard rate.

Legal Implications for Non Compliance
If you do not comply with a BER requirement as per the European Communities (Energy Performance of Buildings) Regulations 2006, you will be liable, on conviction in the District Court, to a maximum fine of €5,000.
Failure to secure a BER certificate at the proper time could hinder or delay the legal completion of a sale or letting or a future disposal of the relevant dwelling.

Who Will Carry Out A BER Assessment?
BER assessments may only be carried out by registered BER assessors who have trained under the National Framework of Qualifications and have registered with Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI).
BER assessments are carried out by registered BER assessors who have been trained under the National Framework of Qualifications and have registered with All registered assessors must adhere to the BER Assessors Code of Conduct. A list of registered BER assessors is available online

What is involved in carrying out a BER assessment?
Depending on the size and layout of your property the on site inspection could take up to 3 hours.  The rating consists of inspecting  the property, taking measurements and photographs and collecting any relevant information from the client.  Relevant information concerning the heating system, boiler and hot water cylinder is required. 

How Long is it Valid for?
A BER is valid for up to 10 years provided that there is no material change to the dwelling that could affect.

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